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1. Purpose of Personal Data Processing
  Personal data collected will be used only for purposes below. Request for consent will be sent prior to any changes made
  to the purpose
  ① Civil Complaint
       Personal data will be used for identification, verification, investigation of facts, reporting of findings and the like.

2. Retention of Personal Data
  1. File Name for Personal Data: Filing Civil Complaints
    - Personal Data Items: Email, Contact Number, Name
    - Collection Method: via company website:
    - Retention Reason: Civil Complaint
    - Retention Period: 3 years
    - Applicable law:

3. Consigning of Personal Data
  ① To enhance personal data processing, The Company may share user’s personal data as follows
  ② Upon contractual commitments, the company may share users’ personal data with the company, its affiliates,
     its service providers, and other third parties in accordance with Article 25 of the Personal Data Protection Law.
     The Company will ensure that the users’ personal data is handled securely and implement appropriate security measures
     to protectM the confidentiality of the users’ personal, technical, and administrative information.
  ③ If the company’s affiliates, service providers, and other third parties’ consignees and/or the consigning process changes,
     the company will disclose the details of the changes promptly.

4. As the owners of the data, users may exercise following rights.
  ① Users may request the following rights at any time regarding their personal data:
    1. Access Personal Information
    2. Request to Correct Incorrect Personal Information
    3. Request to Delete Personal Information
    4. Request to Stop Personal Data Processing
  ② User may exercise Section 1 rights by following the Personal Information Protection Law Enforcement Rule No. 8
     by communicating through physical mail, email, and FAX. The company will respond without delay.
  ③ If the user requests the company to correct or delete their personal information, the information will not be used
     or disclosed until the correction or deletion has been completed.
  ④ According to Section 1, the rights of the user can be exercised through user’s legal representative as soon as a warrant
     has been provided as regulated in Personal Information Protection Law Enforcement Rule No. 11.

5. Personal Information Items for Processing Data
   ① The Company requires the following user information
    - Required Items: Email Address, Contact Number, Name of User, Company Telephone Number, Company Name
    - Optional Items:

6. The Company deletes User Information through following procedures: :
    -The information provided by user will be stored in the Data Base (separately filed if data is on hard copy)
     for a period of time and immediately deleted and/or destroyed as soon as the purpose of collected data has been fulfilled.
     The information stored in the Data Base will not be used for any other purpose unless required by law.
     The Information will be destroyed within five days after the expiration of the retention period and/or when
     the information becomes unnecessary.

7. The Company takes following technical, administrative, and physical measures to ensure security in accordance      with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Law.
&nbon to be in charge of protecting personal data of users.
  ▶ Person in Charge of Protecting User Data
     Name: Bang Sang Min
sp;  1. Establishment and Implementation of Internal Management Plan
     The company has established and is implementing an Internal Management Plan to safely process users’ personal data.

8. Designating the Person in Charge of protecting User Data
  ① The Company designates the following department and pers      Title: Deputy General Manager
     Contact: 031-432-0035,
     ※ Will be directed to User Data Protection Department
   ② If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the processing of your personal data, please feel to contact the company’s      Data Protection Officer by email,

9. User Information Processing Policy Change
   ①User Information Processing Policy will be enforced starting on the effective date. The company shall notify users for any
     amendment made to this policy at least seven days prior to the enforcement date.