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CONFLICT-FREE MINERALS Sam Woo is actively participating in the movement to ban the use of conflict minerals,
to prevent violations of human rights and/or funding of armed forces in certain conflict zones
of the Democratic Republic of Congo and approximately ten neighboring countries.
Steps to Achieving Conflict-Free Mineral Usage
Purchasing Policy
Using a tool developed by EICC, Sam Woo will periodically survey
the suppliers and their smelters to regulate ban on conflict minerals.
Sam Woo suppliers must adhere to the international policy on the use of conflict minerals.
Suppliers providing the four main conflict minerals (tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold)
are also required to submit the Certificate of Origin. In addition, supplier’s smelter
is recommended to have received the EICC’s Conflict Free Smelter Program Certificate
and must be a qualified smelter practicing the ban of Conflict Minerals.
The use of legally sound minerals in the conflict zone are acceptable as it will
encourage the development of the country’s economy and standard of living.